How to Mint Gilts

Minting Gilts is the best way to support the HOLOCLEAR long term goals as it raises funds for the treasury whilst also securing you $HOLO at a discounted rate. Gilts are automatically deposited and earning interest immediately. In order to mint please follow these steps.

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Ensure you have the desired amount of BNB in your wallet to mint $HOLO

  3. Choose your desired gilt

    • In the example below 7, 30 and 90 day options are available

    • These options refer to the amount of time before your gilt 'matures' and you receive your HOLOYIELD

    • The longer the maturity period, the bigger the discount

    • You earn interest throughout the vesting period

    • You are also entered into the HOLOPOOL reward pool while vesting

4. Insert your chosen amount of BNB

5. Click 'Mint'

6. The gilt will now appear under 'My Gilts' further down the page.

7. Vesting remaining shows the length of time until your Gilt has 'matured' and you can claim the $HOLO

8. Once 'Vesting Remaining' shows '0 days' click the CLAIM button. This will then populate your wallet with the HOLOYIELD.

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