How to Deposit $HOLO to Earn Interest


HOLOCLEAR offers holders the opportunity to earn interest on their $HOLO just as you would in a bank account. Interest is paid in a second token called HOLOYIELD, which can then be exchanged 1:1 for $HOLO. To earn interest you need to deposit your $HOLO into an account on the HOLOCLEAR dAPP. The steps to do this are:

  1. Make sure your wallet is connected

  2. Ensure you have $HOLO in your wallet

  3. Choose the amount of $HOLO you would like to stake and earn interest


    • This then exchanges your $HOLO to $HOLOYIELD so you can begin earning interest

  5. The total deposited will now appear in 'total deposited balance'

    • This will show you the total amount in your account, next interest payment and weekly return on investment

    • APY will adjust dynamically in line with market forces and treasury performance

  6. Leave your $HOLOYIELD and earn income passively for as long as it is deposited

  7. While you hold a deposit account you will also be automatically entered into the HOLOPOOL prize draw each week


Should you want to withdraw your deposited $HOLOYIELD you can do this at any time. To do this simply follow these steps:

  1. Select 'WITHDRAW'

  2. Choose amount of $HOLOYIELD to withdraw


  4. There will then be a 24 hour 'cooldown' period (with subsequent withdrawals from the same wallet submitted within this period resetting the 24 hour cooldown for the total amount)

  5. After this you can 'claim' your $HOLO (with interest) from the dapp

  6. Once claimed the $HOLO will appear in your wallet

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