The $HOLO token is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain and offers holders multiple ways to monetise their holdings. Each feature works in mathematical harmony to enhance the ecosystem.

  • HOLOYIELD: Deposit your $HOLO and earn attractive, but sustainable rates. These will vary based on market conditions and treasury size. Earnings will be in HOLOYIELD which can then be exchanged 1:1 for $HOLO.

  • DYNAMIC GILT PRICING: Gilts allow you to mint $HOLO at a discount, meaning you can purchase below the market rate. Gilts are then automatically vested for a pre-determined amount of time until which the tokens are released. Gilts grow the treasury directly as funds bypass the liquidity pool.

  • AUTO-REGULATING TAXATION: Buy and sell taxes are algorithmically optimised to minimise price volatility and encourage price stability. Low taxes encourage new buyers at the right time and high taxes bring stability in moments of market stress.

  • HOLOPOOL: All interest account holders are automatically entered into our premium rewards programme (HOLOPOOL). The winner takes the entire prize pool on a weekly basis.

  • HOLOWRAP: A standard ERC-20 token that can be bought and sold on centralised exchanges.

  • THE TREASURY: Token growth will raise a treasury through Gilt sales and taxation. Once of sufficient size this will be used to support the token ecosystem, price and yield. This offers stability and sustainability as the treasury operates independently of token performance.

HOLOCLEAR seeks to control market forces through algorithmically balancing of the different controls available (interest rates, taxation, gilts and rewards). This aims to both limit the price volatility which damages so many crypto projects, while also encouraging buying and holding at times of market stress.

The treasury offers long term stability to the project as it is able to support the HOLOYIELD and HOLOPOOL rewards indefinitely, entirely independent of token performance.


The HOLOCLEAR team have significant business, crypto and quant trading experience. Our CTO works as a quantitative trader in the crypto space. Our CCO has ten years experience leading an innovative design and research agency. Our CMO works in Sales and Marketing management for a FTSE 100 company.

The project is run by the core team with the support of the HOLO community.

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