The HOLOCLEAR ecosystem offers a number of ways for holders to monetise their assets. One of the primary ways to earn is through an interest earning account accessed through the HOLOCLEAR dApp. This works exactly like a bank account where you deposit your tokens and will earn interest while your tokens remain in the account. This is a great strategy to earn passively in the long term and benefit from both the interest and token growth.

The interest rates you earn will be adjusted dynamically in line with market forces and treasury size. This means you will be rewarded with higher interest payments when the treasury is larger, helping build a platform of stability and loyal holders that ensures the project's long term success.

How does it work?

The amount you earn will vary on a daily basis depending on the market conditions and will be supported by the treasury. At times of high sell pressure you may receive a higher return as the token will automatically reward and encourage holders. At times of high buy pressure yields may be lower as holders will be benefiting from token growth. This helps ensure sustainability and limit the inflationary elements of the interest.

The dApp will show you the total amount you have deposited, the current interest rate and your weekly passive income. Note, there is a minimum stake amount of 100 HOLOYIELD.

High level metrics will also be available so holders can see the total value staked across the project, the current APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and current index.

Account holders will also be entered into the HOLOEDGE gold rewards program where one lucky winner will be selected from the prize pool each week, offering you an additional way to earn (see HOLOPOOL page).

If at some point you are seeking to recoup your investment or rewards you swap HOLOYIELD for $HOLO in the dApp at 1:1 rate.

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