A Gilt allows you to mint $HOLO at a fixed rate lower than the market price. This is then redeemable in your wallet after a fixed and pre-determined amount of days.

The rates offered will vary depending on length of maturity (how long before you can sell them), the longer the maturity, the higher the discount is likely to be. Gilt rates and vesting period durations will dynamically adjust on a regular basis in response to market forces.

The Gilt price does not rely on any third party exchanges and directly funds the treasury, so they are best way to support the long term goals of HOLOCLEAR. They are also the most beneficial for the buyer as you can secure $HOLO at a discounted rate, benefit from token growth, earn interest throughout the vesting period and are also entered into the HOLOPOOL rewards pool.

You can monitor the current price and vesting period remaining easily through the HOLOCLEAR dApp. Once your Gilt vesting period reaches 0 days you can click claim and the HOLOYIELD will automatically populate in your wallet.

To find out more on exactly how to mint click here.

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