When does HOLOCLEAR launch?

1st November 2022.

What is HOLOCLEAR ($HOLO)? $HOLO is the tradeable token of the HOLOCLEAR project. It can be minted, deposited or held in your wallet. You can find out more in our overview.

What is the long term goal?

The long term goal is to continually grow the treasury to provide sustainable long term rewards.

What is HOLOYIELD? HOLOYIELD is the interest earning token of the HOLOCLEAR ecosystem. While your $HOLO is deposited you earn HOLOYIELD. This can always be exchanged 1:1 for $HOLO.

How is HOLOCLEAR unique?

HOLOCLEAR uses mathematics to balance the power of market forces, using many of the same economic theories as a central bank would (see example below). The Treasury will be used to ensure yield is sustainable and provides long term utility for the project.

How will the ecosystem respond to market forces? An example; in times of heavy sell pressure minting tokens will become cheaper, interest rates and taxation may increase. This will ensure stability in the ecosystem by limiting potential crashes as simultaneously we will encourage holding (higher interest), discourage selling (higher tax) and encourage new buyers to the market with the low mint price. PRESALE FAQ When is the Presale?

The HOLOCLEAR presale series C token (pHOLO) will be launched on Wednesday 5th October at 8pm UTC. Series A/B are sold out.

How can I acquire at Presale?

pHOLO will be available to purchase on this page via our bespoke presale DApp in BNB. Presale buyers will then redeem the $HOLO token prior to full launch.

What is the Presale contract address?

The pHOLO contract address is 0x139038D9c7e5Fe8DE0B09F068366cFC5bcC812A0 - please add this to your wallet.

What is the presale price?

Presale will be offered in 3 tranches (series A, B and C), each stage is at a favourable entry price.

Will Presale tokens be vested?

Presale holders will have a linear vesting schedule to ensure a successful launch. The total vesting period will last for the first 25 days from launch, with 4% of tokens vesting each day.

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